Welcome to Minting Times.

My name is Win and it’s my pleasure to welcome you to Minting Times. What’s Minting Times, you might wonder. To begin with, it’s my humble way of showing you and others how to mint a happy life.

To introduce myself, I live in this bustling city you know as Mumbai, India. It’s my birthplace and a city that’s much more than a home. As journalist, I’ve had the pleasure of treading on every inhabited continent on Planet Earth and witnessing life in all it hues and shades. Through my journeys and experiences, I find that every human has a common goal.

Despite our differences, there’s a common aim we all strive for. And that’s happiness. After all, happiness is the ultimate goal of every human life. And time is the greatest resource we have.

I use the word ‘minting’ because it signifies abundance in every sphere of our human lives. And ‘times’ to signify the value of this resource that’s unstoppable.

Minting Times isn’t just another website. Indeed, my endeavor is to create a community around this website. A community that takes the world head on, mints happiness and solutions to any adversities.

Through various sections on Minting Times, my team and I will endeavor to bring you the best of writings from our personal experiences and research. Minting Times doesn’t aim or cater to any specific nationality or community. It is for everyone, wherever you live and whatever you do.

Once again, welcome to Minting Times. I hope you’ll enjoy our articles. And if there’s something you’d love to read or learn about, do drop us a message: we’ll exert extra efforts to fulfill your needs and help you mint a happy life.

-Win Honawar