One-in-five couples in Toronto and Montreal are more in love since onset of COVID-19

TORONTO:In honour of National Couple’s Day (August 18), French wine brand, Félix & Lucie, commissioned a survey to investigate the impact of COVID-19 on love and romance among adult couples living in Toronto and Montreal census metropolitan areas – Canada’s largest urban centres. The survey revealed one-in-five respondents are now more in love with their partners since facing this journey together. With many people spending more time at home together, couples have been presented with a “new normal” that they have no roadmap for: many are working together at home, sharing child-care duties and enjoying more meals in. Eating out and traveling together have been halted as ways to escape day-to-day stresses. Not surprisingly, 68 per cent of respondents are seeing more of each other now since the onset of COVID-19.

Félix & Lucie, by virtue of its name and label (that features a love lock), celebrates love and values the moments in relationships that bring couples closer together – like sharing a bottle of wine.

“A silver lining to the pandemic is that couples get to slow down and have more time together,” said Lee-Anne Galloway, Matchmaker and Certified Dating Coach. “It’s important to enjoy the little things together like preparing a delicious meal and enjoying it with a glass of wine. In doing so, couples have been able to disconnect from technology, actively listen and be curious and present with one another.”

The survey revealed the actions that couples have taken to show they care for one another over the past few months. The top romantic gestures couples are making include:

  • Telling their partner how much they mean to them (44 per cent).
  • Preparing meals with special touches like a bottle of wine (37 per cent).
  • Regular check-ins with their loved one, whether virtually or in-person (27 per cent).

With a romantic mood being an important part of growing closer together, 40 per cent of respondents agree that a bottle of wine is a must-have. For respondents who said wine is essential to setting a romantic mood, majorities among this group say:

  • It helps them relax with their partner (59 per cent).
  • It enhances the taste of their meals (54 per cent).
  • It helps put them “in the mood” (34 per cent).

As restrictions lift, respondents revealed what love after lockdown looks like for them with the activities they are most looking forward to. The top activities include meeting up with other coupled friends (52 per cent) and going for a romantic dinner in a restaurant (51 per cent).

Félix & Lucie wants to inspire consumers to live life passionately by embracing the love story of Félix & Lucie as a representation of the ‘joie de vivre’ that French have. It’s an approachable French wine that celebrates living life passionately. To celebrate National Couples Day, Canadians are invited to share a bottle of Félix & Lucie and show how they are spending time with one another by tagging @félixetluciewines on Instagram.

Félix & Lucie wine is currently available in Ontario (LCBO) and Quebec (SAQ) in the French wine section.

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